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          OPEN STUDIO


No Instruction is provided during open studio. It is designed for those who would like to explore their art further and have fun independently along with other artists. It’s also a great opportunity to increase your skill set by putting in the practice time. And you might just meet a friend or two!


**In order to use the open studio you must be familiar with clay. If you are new to clay I would recommend taking a few of my individual clay classes to familiarize yourself with the clay process. At that point we can discuss the open studio options.


This class includes:  

  • Georgies Trail Mix & Timberline clay (cone 6)

  • Glazes (Georgies, Mayco, Amaco, Spectrum, Coyote & Duncan)

  • Community tools, textured mats, turntables, slump molds and slab roller 

  • Bisque & Glaze fire of your finished piece

I offer 4 hour sessions for $20. Or, an Open Studio Package 40 hours $200