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If you have been glazing for a while and you are continually frustrated with the outcome of your glazes, or you are struggling to find that color palette or your not sure if you are heavy or light handed, then this Glaze Boot-Camp Class is for you!


If you are just starting to begin your clay journey and have dabbled with glaze a bit but not sure where to start and want to learn more about glazing, then this Glaze Boot-Camp Class is for you!


It took me years to get my glazing mojo on!! Once I started teaching and putting in the time to practice, practice, practice...only then, is when I started to see progress!

If you are willing to put in the time and learn by trial and error, then you too can find your glazing mojo, but you have to do the work!


I guarantee you if you do the work you will see a mass improvement in your glazing technique. 


The Basic Glazing is a 1.5 hour class that follows after you take a clay workshop. we will break it down and focus on one color scheme at a time. I will introduce brushing and guide you through the glazing process.