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Black Footed Ferret


Sculpting animals began as a challenge from one of my students and now has become an ongoing muse of what animal can I sculpt next! 


So of course a Ferret came to mind! They are absolutely adorable, cuddly and playful little creatures. 

A few fun facts about Ferrets.
They are the domesticated subspecies of European polecats.

When threatened, Ferrets will dance. In the wild, ferrets perform a hypnotic dance that sends their prey into a trance. Domestic ferrets also perform this dance, but they use it for play instead of hunting. They arch their backs, puff their tails, and move from side to side. This rug-cutting is usually a sign that the ferret is happy and having fun.


If you have made the bunny and sheep already, you will love making the Ferret. If you haven't made either, you'll still love it. Iv'e had students take my sculpting class with no clay experience and were shocked at the end of class that they were able to create a cute little critter out of clay!


I will walk you through each step of sculpting this little Ferret. 


This class includes: 

  • Georgies Trail mix clay (cone 6) 

  • Community tools & textured mats

  • Bisque fire of your finished piece

  • This does not include the final glazing

  • Glazing is a separate class


    Workshop includes:

    • materials
    • demonstration
    • instruction
    • tools
    • coffee, tea & light morning snacks
    • bring your lunch


    Date: Sunday, June 16th (10:00am-2:00pm)



    2706 NW 98th Street, Vancouver, WA 98665


    Click on this link to find my address: googlemaps.com





    • Preferred: CREDIT & DEBIT payments accepted directly through website or via Paypal.
    • CHECK payments must be received within 1 weeks of workshops
    • Please contact me if you wish to pay by CHECK or CASH at:


        Email: steph.l.burton@gmail.com or

        Phone: 503-866-7075