Ceramic Plant Holder or Purse

Ceramic Plant Holder or Purse


One of my biggest sellers!


This whimsical Planter or Purse is made completely by hand. Each one is unique from one another with a splash of vibrant color on the inside. Peaking through the strap is a postage stamp of a bird complimented by one of my hand made pokka dot stamps. I've added stitching to the clay to give the appearance of leather and an oxide wash to give a vintage appearance.

These make a great gift! Or gift yourself and display them in your home as a sculpture or a planter for an air plant or sedum!



- Dishwasher safe however, I prefer to wash by hand.
- Approximate Dimensions: 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches

- Holds approximately 3 ounces
- Handmade in Vancouver, WA