Peek-a-Boo Collage Plate

Peek-a-Boo Collage Plate


This Collage Plate is part of my Peek-a-Boo Collection.


I love making art using my array of collage paper. I just love the result of a Collage Painting when I'm finished. Inspired by this process, I thought, why not convert this into clay! And that's where the idea was born. With this particular Collection there is always a lady peeking through the collage hence the name; Peek-a-Boo. These plates make a thoughtful unique gift adding a splash of color to any room! I hand carve these ladies to make my personal mark on each piece. I also like to add a license plate to the mix as well as other various textures from my stamp collection.


My Collage Plates are all made by hand from a thin torn slab of clay. I add an oxide wash underneath which makes the vibrant colors of glaze pop even more!  I love pairing a glossy glaze next to a matte glaze to add some additional interest! These plates are great for serving your favorite cookies . I love to display them on a plate holder as a featured piece of artwork in my kitchen, living room and studio!


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