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art is when you hear a knocking from your soul - and you answer!



Students will work with clay using a variety of hand building techniques which include working with slabs at different stages of dryness creating functional vessels, serving trays and boxes as well as exploring surface decoration.

This class includes: 

  • 25 pounds of  Georgies Trail Mix or G-Mix 6 clay (cone 6) a week.

  • Community tools, textured mats, turn-tables, slump molds and slab roller

  • Bisque fire of your finished piece

Cost: $50 (3 hour session)
          $60 (4 hour session) more advanced projects

Upon completion of this class you will have a basic understanding of ceramic terms, different hand-building techniques as well as and surface texture techniques.

Hand-building: This term refers to several techniques of building with clay using only the hands and simple tools rather than a potter's wheel.


Mixed Media


I am so excited about this class! I have been focused on clay for the last 15 years and have felt a sense of loyalty to this craft. Last year when I took a break from clay while I was going through my cancer, I discovered a Mixed Media book that stood out from the rest of the books. The cover was a gesture sketch of a women with an awesome colorful background! I immediately picked it up! After looking through a few pages, I knew I had to have it! I brought it home and started playing around with the exercises and was instantly hooked. 

Drawing and painting was my first passion as a young girl. I believe Mixed Media was a gift during my break from clay. I didn't know it at the time however, being able to express myself creatively was more important now than ever! I remember coming home after my second chemo treatment and painting for 4 hours straight and thinking, I haven't painted like this in years!


Only after a few painting and drawing sessions, I knew I wanted to share this wonderful craft of mixing your medium with others!

Come explore the endless possibilities of Mixed Media. It is a plethora of different mediums all combined on one canvas! You can achieve instant gratification in minutes. If you make a mistake, just paint over it, and you have a new canvas to work with.

I will be introducing a variety classes:


  • Training your hand

  • Silhouette painting

  • Self portrait painting using a photo of yourself

  • Working with collage and drawing 

  • Techniques for Creative Art Journaling

   **And many more classes to come!


Beginning classes include:

  • Acrylic Paints

  • Neocolor II Crayons

  • Stabilo Art pencils (Black & White)

  • Gesso

  • Watercolor paper

  • Spray Inks

  • Access to vintage papers, collage paper and stencils

Cost: $50 (3 hour session)


Upon completion of these classes you will have a better understanding of mixed media techniques and will have enough knowledge to make a painting on your own. 



This class includes:

  • Access to Georgies, Mayco, Coyote, Potters Choice and Amaco glazes

  • Glaze firing of your pieces

  • Glaze brushes

Cost: $50 (3 hour session)

Upon completion of these classes you will have a basic understanding of how to approach a piece to glaze using a variety of techniques.


This is a introductory glaze class that will follow your first clay session. I will demonstrate how to dip as well as how to brush your form. I will also discuss how I approach a piece from start to finish and even come up with a color scheme. Your results will improve with practice!




I teach a variety of workshops during the summer as well as over the course of the year.  The difference between my workshops and  classes are typically with the workshops I  demonstrate many different techniques with some HANDS-ON time at the end . My classes focus more on one project. I demonstrate making a specific project then students use the remaining class time to create their own project. 

birdhouse workshop

This is a two-part Workshop. The first Saturday we will construct our birdhouses using slabs of clay, we will build unique playful birdhouses. It can be a functional birdhouse or a non-functional birdhouse. Either way it will be a lovely piece of artwork for outdoors or inside your home. The second Saturday we will glaze our pieces.

This workshop includes:

  • Coffee, tea & snacks

  • Timberline Clay

  • Community tools, textured mats and stamps

  • Access to studio glazes

  • Bisque fire & glaze fire included

Cost: $85 (First Saturday is 4 hours, Second Saturday is 3 hours) 

interactive Pigment workshop

Students will experiment with Georgies Interactive Pigments using different techniques and combining them with classroom glazes. Demonstrations will include wiping away the pigments to create an antique finish, decorating or designing over glazes using wax as a design element highlighting your glaze of choice, designing Majolica style using IP's over and under glazes for unique effects.

This workshop includes:

  • Coffee, tea & snacks

  • Handouts showing individual techniques with different IP and glaze combinations

  • Bisque tiles

  • Access to Interactive Pigments and studio glazes

  • Community tools

  • Glaze brushes

  • Gift Bag

Cost: $60​​ (4 hour session)

The main objective of this workshop is to explore and incorporate new ideas to enhance your pottery. Participants will leave with a whole new bag of tricks.

enhancing your ceramic surface texture & making your own stamps workshop

Demonstrations will include a variety of decoration techniques including: different underglaze applications, screen transfers with Mayco images, combining screen transfer with underglaze, inlay techniques, wax resist, slip trailing, sprigging, sgraffito and making your own stamps.

During the HANDS-ON portion of this workshop student will carve their own rubber and clay stamps and experiment with the underglazes provides.

This workshop includes:

  • Coffee, tea and snacks

  • Hand-outs showing individual techniques covered in the workshop

  • Access to underglazes

  • Access to community tools

  • Stamp material to carve in

  • Bisque tiles

  • Gift bag

Cost: $60 (4 hour session)

open studio

No instruction is provided during open studio. It is designed for those who would like to explore their art further and have fun independently along with others artists. Its also a great opportunity to increase your skill set by putting in the practice time. 

Clay Open Studio
Cost for a 4 hour session $15

Cost for 10 sessions (40 hours) $120 (20% discount)

open studio
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