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Come join our Clay Community!!

The Clay Open Studio is designed for those who would like to explore their art further and have fun independently along with other artists. It’s also a great opportunity to increase your skill set by putting in the practice time and working with others.
And you might just meet a friend or two!

**In order to use the open studio you must be familiar with clay. If you are new to clay I would recommend taking one of my hand-building classes at Georgie's Ceramic and Clay to familiarize yourself with the clay process. At that point we can discuss the open studio options.



Clay Pro 

 This includes up to 32 hours of studio time

$200 per month

Clay Junkie
(most common)
This includes up to 16 hours of studio time

$130 per month

Clay Enthusiast

This includes up to 8 hours of studio time

$90 per month

Clay Explorer

Single session (4 hours)
Only plan on using the studio once a month$50 (single)



 Supply Fee: $5 When you roll a slab
(1/4 of the bag)

**Each studio session is up to 4 hours                                         

**Payment DUE at the beginning of the month

The supply fee pays for a portion of the clay, glazes & firing.

What's included with Open Studio

  • One shelf to store your work (This applies only to the Clay Pro & Clay Junkie)

  • 15% discount on all workshops  (This applies only to the Clay Pro & Clay Junkie)

  • Clay: Trail Mix & Timberline Clay

  • Glazes: Access to all stocked glazes & oxides

  • Tools: Access to studio tools, textured mats
    textured rollers, turn-tables, bisque plate forms and rolling pins.

  • Access to slab roller

  • Bisque & Glaze firing

  • Community & Friendship

  • No production

Studio Hours:


10am - 2pm
  2pm - 6pm

10am - 2pm
  2pm - 6pm

10am - 2pm
  2pm - 6pm


Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a member at the studio

Stephanie 503-866-7075

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