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Stephanie Burton Studios offers Mid-range firing for cone 04 bisque and cone 6 glaze firing. Kilns are currently loaded on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Turnaround time is approximately 1-2 weeks.

Please review the Custom Firing Info. Sheet & Fees before dropping off your pieces to find out about preparing your work, rates and some additional tips.

Any pieces brought to SB studios for firing are done with the understanding of the Custom Firing Information Sheet and are understood and agreed upon.



Sip & Spin Pottery Co.




Meet our Featured Artists for January 2022!

Each month we will be highlighting an individual artist & member of SBS CUSTOMER FIRING and give you a sneak peek into the Clay Studio.

I feel very fortunate to be able to share my studio with these wonderful, creative folks! We all share something in common, our passion for clay, a sense of community and our zest for learning and expressing our creativity! Every evening before I close the door to the studio, I take a moment to admire all the wonderful creations that happened that day and then I have to give myself a little pinch as a reminder of how grateful I am to have this creative community right under my own roof!


Find more of these artists’ works on their links below.

~Meet Holly~

Holly Minnich
(SBS Customer Firing Artist)

“What better way to enjoy retirement than art!  My husband and I started doing pottery together and the love for it (as with each other) has grown throughout the years.  While my husband enjoys perfection and exacting details, I’m more of a whimsical thinker and creator as is shown in my pottery, mixed media art, and my watercolor paintings.  


Whatever each of us is creating, we are
“in the zone” and enjoying every minute.  Once you do art in any form, you see things differently; you see shapes, color and composition in a new light and you appreciate the beauty in everything around you.  


The love for pottery (and art) has allowed us to meet amazing artists who continue to enhance our lives and one of those amazing artists is Stephanie Burton.  Stephanie not only does our firing (and we’ve taken classes from her) but allows us to linger and share ideas. I always leave her studio with more enthusiasm and ideas than when I walked in.  I’m a lucky girl to have an artist husband and to call Stephanie a friend and fellow artist.”

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