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workshops & visiting artists

I teach a variety of workshops during the summer as well as over the course of the year.  The difference between my workshops and  classes are typically with the workshops I  demonstrate MANY different techniques with some HANDS-ON time at the end . My classes focus more on one project. I demonstrate making a specific project then students use the remaining class time to create their own project.

Workshop Collaborations:

I'm excited to announce my very first collaboration will be with Deb Spofford of
Made on 23rd sister site of Inspiring Material.

I discovered Deb Spofford's studio Made on 23rd during Clark County's Open Studios. I was so impressed with her studio and the quality of her textile designs. 
I decided to take a block printing workshop from Deb and I loved it! Shortly there after, Deb attended my Bud Vase Trio workshop. From there we both had an epiphany and realized it made sense to join forces and the first Printing Block and Bud Vase Workshop was born!

NEW WORKSHOP: Carve a Print Block & Create a Bud Vase out of Clay

Friday, August 31st (6:30pm-9:30pm)
Click Bud Vases above for more class details & Registration.

Deb Spofford is the owner, and designer for Made on 23rd. Her studio and production space is located in Vancouver, Washington, just across the river from Portland, Oregon. She received a Masters of Science degree in Textile Design at Philadelphia University. When she graduated, Deb returned to Washington and began exploring block printing. After 1 1/2 years of experimentation, Made on 23rd was born! As each season approaches, Deb is inspiring by the world around her to create a new collection. There collections start with themed inspiration and hand drawings. The drawings are then cut into woodblocks and used to hand-print linen, wool, or velvet with heat set eco-friendly inks.

Workshop Collaborations:

I'm excited to announce my second Collaboration with the folks at Salud Wine Bar & Event Center. I discovered Salud after taking a Workshop in their event center. I later approached Tony Dotson one of the four owners and we both agreed we were a good fit. 

NEW WORKSHOP: Collage Painting

Tuesday, September 25th (6:00pm-9:00pm)
Click link above for more class details & Registration.

Salud is your relaxing wine hang out in Camas, WA and a great place to enjoy small bites with your favorite wine. You may come in a stranger-but you'll leave as a friend. Check out their events calendar which includes: Wine Tasting, Music, Murder Mystery Night and Various Workshops. Check it out!

Visiting Artist:
This year I started bringing in "visiting artists" to the studio to shake the variety up a little bit. Iv'e had the pleasure of hosting three Mold-Making Workshops with Brett Binford from Mudshark Studios. 


Next Visiting Artist: Debi Nelson of Chehalem Mountain Pottery

Debi has been working with clay for several years. She is an active member of the Oregon Potters Association and participates in their annual show (Ceramic Showcase) at the Convention Center. You can find Debi's artwork in several galleries located in Oregon and Washington. Debi & her husband Larry are the founders of the Chehalem Mountain Art Affair. A wonderful art show nestled in the woods of the beautiful Chehalem community, featuring local juried artisans.


Debi currently teaches throwing and hand-building at the Chehalem Cultural Center as well as private throwing lessons from her home studio in the Chehalem Mountain area.


Saturday, September 8th (10:00am-3:00pm)
Click link above for more class details & Registration.

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