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Meet our Featured Artists for January 2022!

Each month we will be highlighting an individual artist & member of SBS OPEN STUDIOS and give you a sneak peek into the Clay Studio.
I feel very fortunate to be able to share my studio with these wonderful, creative folks! We all share something in common, our passion for clay, a sense of community and our zest for learning and expressing our creativity! Every evening before I close the door to the studio, I take a moment to admire all the wonderful creations that happened that day and then I have to give myself a little pinch as a reminder of how grateful I am to have this creative community right under my own roof!


Find more of these artists’ works on their links below.

~Meet Marieka~


Marieka Farrenkopf
(SBS Open Studio Artist)

"I work in a hospital and spend my days counseling and consoling patients and their families. Ceramics for me is a time to shut my mouth and use my hands. I love the creativity of it. I love getting dirty. I love making my own dishes.

I first did wheel in college. My bowls were so heavy and I couldn't trim for beans! I still use one of those bowls as a cat food dish. It's indestructible. Since taking a hand-building class with Stephanie at Georgie's, I've been hooked on slabs and weird textures.

Now I come to Stephanie's studio in Vancouver. Lately, I've been hand-building bowls and vessels, and experimenting with underglaze decals. It's so fun to just turn up the music and see what transpires with the clay. Pure joy!"

Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a member at the studio

Stephanie 503-866-7075

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