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Anyone who loves creating ceramics knows that glazing can be a daunting task and it can feel a bit over-whelming.  In the Glaze Boot-Camp you'll have the opportunity to get your glaze questions answered in a nice intimate setting with one-on-one instruction!

Each week I will do a variety of glaze demonstrations. You will spend the first class working on the bisque tiles provided  to come up with new glaze combos as well as testing your brush application. You will also be creating your own test tiles using the clay bodies of your choice. We will explore the use of oxides, under-glazes, transfers and much more. My goal at the end of this class, is to give you just enough glaze arsenal to start you on your own exciting glaze journey feeling more confident and knowledgeable with a fresh new perspective!!

This class includes:

  • Access to Georgies, Mayco, Coyote, Potters Choice and Amaco glazes

  • Weekly hand-outs with lots of inspiration

  • Three Clay Bodies: G-Mix 6 w/grog, Trailmix & Timberline 

  • Timberline bisque tiles

  • Glaze firing of your pieces that were made in class

  • Glaze brushes

Cost: $340 for 20 hours (5 weeks)

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